Stuart Schwagerman

  • Sport: Motocross
  • Hometown: Lindenhurst, IL
  • Ride: 2006 Suzuki RM85 & 2008 Suzuki Supermini
  • Style/Inspiration:

    Ryan Dungey who is the 2010 450 Motocross champion. His drive and determination to win is amazing. He also rides Suzuki like me!

  • Favorite Track/Location: Sunset Ridge MX/ Walnut, IL and MotoBryon/ Byron, IL
  • Height: 5’ 1"
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Accomplishments:

    2010 – Participated in 2 Regional qualifiers for Loretta Lynn’s Nationals and started the Nuke Series at Byron prior to having a serious crash. I broke my elbow, arm and collar bone, while all this was very serious and required surgery, thanks to my Z1R Helmet keeping my head protected I walked away with nothing but a minor concussion. Once back on my bike three months later I was able to compete in the last 4 remaining races in the Nuke Series and finished a respectable 5th overall in both 85 Sr. and Supermini.

  • Favorite Z1R Helmet/Apparel:

    Z1R Nemesis Helmet – I have it in Blue and Patriot, they are awesome. I have matching Red/White/Blue ride gear for my Patriot Nemesis and we call it my Superman outfit. The designs are great, they fit well and the safety factor is important. I also use the Z1R hats and sweatshirts a lot with both my parents using them too.